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How and where should the panels be placed?

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

You can think of it like a clock, with the sun rising at 6am and setting at 6pm depending on the season.

If you think of 12PM as North, the point where the solar panels would get the most sun throughout the day is North.

A North facing roof is ideal for solar panels. Nor-West, or Nor-East is also good.

The East and West face work well too, and having some panels on the East and some on the West is also a great option.

You should avoid putting panels on a Southern facing roof.

How often do solar panels need to be cleaned?

Urban Area: about once every 18 months.

Industrial area: about once a year.

Clean them with Water only and a soft brush.

What is the best tilt for Solar Panels?

About 20 degrees is best for production in NZ. A greater tilt will also help to keep the panels clean to improve production.

Will solar operate on a cloudy day?

Yes! Usually somewhere around 30-50% less than usual because solar panels produce energy from UV rays.

How much will I save by choosing Solar?

In Auckland, we can reduce your power bill by around 50% or more each month! Depending on your usage, with a battery your power bill can be reduced by up to 80%.

What will my environmental impact be?

You will be saving thousands of kg of coal from being burned, planting thousands of trees and off-setting loads of carbon emissions each year.

You will play a big role in our future of sustainability!

What are the benefits of Solar?

Reduced Electricity bills, Save money.

Environmental responsibility. Reduce emissions and do your bit for the environment.

Energy independence. Be self sufficient, less relying on electricity retailers.

Add value to your home. Solar is an asset which will make your home more appealing to a buyer.


AVID is on a mission to make Solar Energy affordable and accessible in Aotearoa. We save you time and money through our innovative solutions and expertise. We are among the best in the country, having installed thousands of solar panels, you’ll be in good hands and Papatūānuku will thank you!

Our community is committed to seeing New Zealand thrive on Clean Energy. Join the movement, and see how you can be a part of saving money and investing in your future with Solar Energy today!